Above Ground vs in Ground Pool: Which One to Choose

Above Ground vs in Ground Pool

When there is scorching heat out there, all you need is a space where you can relax alongside your loved ones. So, what could be better than a swimming pool? The tricky part is to choose between an above-ground vs in-ground pool.

Choosing between an inground and an above-ground pool is crucial since it contributes to your property’s appeal. If you want to enhance or rejuvenate your property, choose wisely.

In this blog, we will discuss the different aspects of inground and above-ground pools, their differences, and their pros and cons.

Going through them will make it easier for you to make a choice. You may even consider pool renovation to give your property a new dimension.

Let’s discuss what makes an inground and an above ground pool stand out!

Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Above-ground swimming pools are affordable for homeowners since they are portable and can be quickly installed. They are easier to install than inground pools and only require surface-level preparation. Moreover, they are available in various sizes and shapes at different prices.

Their portability makes them ideal for property owners, as they conveniently relocate or remove Above-ground pools are versatile enough to stand out in your deck area or poolside beautifully.

InGround Swimming Pool

Inground swimming pools are built into the ground surface to become an aesthetically appealing addition to your property. If you want to enhance your home and make it eye-pleasing and a retreat to your spirits, build an inground swimming pool. Building it in your house means you are agreeing to offer a permanent space for the pool.

The best part about installing an inground pool is that they come in various sizes and shapes. You can customize them according to your budget, size, and area preferences. You can install multiple features like waterfalls and lighting to give your poolside a luxurious feel.

Difference Between Inground and Above Ground Pools

Inground and above-ground pools are both valuable and can be an amazing addition to your property. However, they are different in their buildup and installation and have different impacts on the property surface. So, let’s dive deep into how they are different.


Inground Pools

Above Ground Pools


Inground pools are comparatively more costly and require a high budget. Above-ground pools are budget-friendly and need a low initial cost.


It takes longer for an inground pool time to build, from a few weeks to months. Due to its portability, above ground pools are quickly installed within a few days.


Inground pools are more durable and long-lasting in nature, with minimal or near to no damage. Above-ground pools have a shorter life span than inground pools, depending on the materials used during installation.

Aesthetic Appeal

Inground pools pull off a seamless look, giving a luxurious touch to the property and creating an appealing landscape.  Above-ground pools have an edgy structure that does not give off a blended look, seeming separate from the surface.

Property Value

If you install inground pools in your home, it will bring significant value to your property. Also, it will appeal the potential buyers. If you want to choose between inground and above ground pools, know that above-ground pools add little value to the property.


These pools require intensive maintenance, and that, too, more often. So, they are high on maintenance. These pools do not require maintenance and are easy to maintain. So, they need more maintenance.


Inground pools are highly customizable since they come in different sizes, shapes, and additional features. Above-ground pools come in standard sizes and shapes, so you have limited options.


The inground pools are hard to remove or relocate since they are impossible to remove. There are pros and cons of above ground pool, and the pros include convenient relocation and disassemble.


Inground pools are often deep, so they are ideal for elders and not considered safe for children. Above-ground pools are not very deep, so they are safe for children.

Space Requirement

The inground pools require more space. The above-ground pools require less space.

Pros and Cons of Above Ground Pools

Now that we have discussed the differences between inground and above-ground pools, this is the time to shed light on the pros and cons. Let’s examine the pros and cons of above-ground pools in depth.


  • Quick Installation: If we go in-depth into above ground vs in ground pool, above ground pools are quick to install. They can be easily installed within a few days.
  • Portability: Above-ground pools are relatively easy to disassemble and move to a new location. They are an ideal option for homeowners with a low budget.
  • Cost-Effective: Above-ground models are comparatively more cost-effective. They are significantly cheaper to purchase and install since the above ground pool cost is low.


  • Aesthetics: Above-ground pools only sometimes contribute to property enhancement as they can not pull off a sleek and seamless look like an inground pool.
  • Durability: If you have to choose either above ground or in ground pool, choose modern above ground pools for their sturdiness and longevity.
  • Limitations: Above ground pools have limited sizes, shapes and depths, making them ideal for children but not always for the elderly people.

Pros and Cons of Inground Ground Pool

Now, come to the inground pools. Since all kinds of pools have pros and cons, we will discuss the pros and cons of inground ground pools.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: An inground swimming pool is the perfect depiction of sophistication and seamlessly blend with the outdoor spaces, a reflection of your vision and style.
  • Increased Property Value: A well-designed inground pool significantly enhances your property if you have it installed by a professional pool specialist.
  • Versatility: There are various types of inground pool which makes them a good option for incorporating versatility into your property.


  • Installation Time: Inground pools take more time to install, which can take weeks or even months to complete with careful planning and coordination.
  • High on Cost: There are various pros and cons of inground ground pool and one of the most prominent ones is its high cost, as these pools come with a high price.
  • Maintenance: Inground pools are the epitome of luxury. They require intensive maintenance to retain their condition, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Are Above Ground Pools Worth It?

Above-ground pools are worth it for those who want an affordable, flexible, and easy-to-install swimming pool. They provide a convenient way to enjoy summer and spend quality time with loved ones. In addition, above ground pool maintenance is comparatively simpler. They are less expensive, making them an attractive choice for many homeowners.

The Verdict: Which One to Choose?

When it comes to choosing between an above ground or in ground pool, inground pools are a superior choice. Although they are expensive, they last longer than above-ground pools.

Although they take more time to install, they guarantee durability with minimal damage.

So, you may choose inground pools if you want to incorporate luxury into your house. Installing inground pools would be the best option to bring a touch of diversity and versatility.

Otherwise, you may also choose above-ground pools if you need more budget and maintenance costs.

In this blog, we have shed light on different aspects of above-ground and inground swimming pools to make it easier for you to choose. So, make a splash and make endless memories.

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