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Sergio's Pools Renovations offers homeowners high-quality and expert pool renovation and remodeling services daily. We strive to give backyards and swimming pools fresh vitality for families.

Every homeowner is entitled to the ideal backyard hideaway. Our pool builders in PA are qualified and certified to provide just about any pool remodeling or renovation service you may need to realize your vision, whether it be the addition of fun water features, stunning rock décor, or full resurfacing.

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Want to improve the paradise in your backyard? At Sergios Pools Renovations, we are experts in providing thorough swimming pool renovation services to assist you in converting your pool into a beautiful and functional outdoor living area. We only utilize the best tools and materials to guarantee long-lasting results that surpass your expectations. Our staff takes great satisfaction in providing individualized service and paying close attention to every project we work on. 

Tile And Coping

There are several alternatives, ranging from natural stone to concrete. A pool's waterline tile coping may be its most distinctive element. You have countless options for modifying the appearance of your collection thanks to our selection of colors, styles, and materials. There are four main types of tiles: glass, stone, porcelain, and mosaic.

Swimming Pool Plaster Services

If you own a pool, you know it requires regular upkeep to appear and perform at its best. The plaster coating must be repaired after damage, one of the most crucial components of pool upkeep. In addition to other issues, a pool restoration company can cure cracks and chips in the plaster. You can improve your pool's life extension and aesthetic maintenance by repairing plaster.

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Renovation steps


Initial Consultation:

Start by initially consulting the client to understand their needs and requirements. Visit the client's pool and assess its condition, noting any structural, equipment, or aesthetic concerns. Discuss the client's renovation goals, budget, and timeline.


Design and Planning:

Create a detailed renovation plan and design based on the client's requirements. This may include selecting new pool finishes, tiles, coping, decking, and water features. Consider any additional features the client wants, such as a spa, lighting, or landscaping. Collaborate with the client to finalize the design and obtain their approval.


Permitting and Approvals:

Check local rules and obtain any necessary permits or approvals for the renovation. This may involve submitting plans, providing documentation, and paying fees to the relevant authorities. Ensure compliance with all legal requirements to avoid delays or penalties.


Demolition and Removal:

Before starting the renovation, remove existing features, such as old tiles, coping, decking, or equipment. Safely dispose of all debris and prepare the pool for the renovation process. Take necessary precautions to protect surrounding areas and minimize client property disruptions.


Structural Repairs:

If the pool requires structural repairs, address them at this stage. This may involve fixing cracks, leaks, or damaged pool sections. Ensure proper reinforcement and stability of the pool's structure before renovating.


Final Inspection and Client Walkthrough:

Conduct a final inspection to ensure the renovation meets the client's expectations and quality standards. Address any minor touch-ups or adjustments as needed. Schedule a walkthrough with the client to showcase the renovated pool, explain its features, and provide instructions for maintenance and care.

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