How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool: Prevention Tips and Tricks

As the temperatures rise and summer approaches, a crystal-clear pool always seems like a charm. However, keeping frogs out of your pool can be challenging. What if you find frogs in pool? How would you react? For this reason, keeping a pool clean and maintaining a fun swimming environment is essential.

Frogs are attracted to water and can bring unwanted debris and bacteria. These frogs can quickly turn your pool into a pond through an unexpected invasion. While you are planning to relax, frogs may have other plans. You may also consult with a pool restoration company to restore its vitality.

Let’s go through the following blog that will guide you in handling the situation tactfully.

How Do Frogs Invade the Pool?

Before diving deep, understanding the invasion of frogs is essential; why frogs are drawn to pools in summer. Frogs are attracted to water sources for hydration and breeding in summer.

They invade pools in search of water and suitable breeding environments. So, a crystal clear swimming pool seems perfect to cool off and lay their eggs in times like this.

They enter through gaps in fences or landscaping. Also, they come out in the evening when everything’s quiet by attracting moisture. Moreover, pool lights attract insects as a food source for frogs. To prevent this, you can use pool covers and pool cleanliness.

How to Keep Frogs Out of Pool?

Keeping frogs out of your pool involves regular maintenance and taking preventive measures. You do not need to worry if there is an unintended frog invasion in your pool. We will share some tips and tricks to keep the frogs out of your pool. Here’s to how:

Install a Fence or Barrier

You can install a fence or barrier to safeguard your poolside and prevent the invasion. It is one of the most effective ways to keep the frogs out of the pool. You may even install a pool net to prevent the frogs from entering the area.

Clean the Pool Water

Keeping the pool water clean and fresh is the ultimate need, which is possible through the use of pool flocculant. It will let the suspended particles clump together and sink to the bottom. Hence, making the pool less attractive to frogs.

Keep the Pool Covered

Covering your pool with a net or pool cover will help keep frogs out. Remember to cover your pool with a sturdy pool cover when it is not in use. This will also help maintain water quality and reduce evaporation.

Perform Water Maintenance

If you are wondering how to keep frogs away from pool, keep the water clean. Pure water can reduce the chances of frogs entering the pool. Since they are less likely to be attracted to water with a balanced pH, make sure to do this.

Remove Attractants

Keep the poolside area and surrounding area debris-free. This may involve removing fallen leaves and branches, which can provide hiding spots for frogs. Moreover, remove any standing water sources near the pool area.

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Pool?

You can safely relocate the frogs with a net and place them in a nearby habitat. Despite your best prevention efforts, you may still find frogs taking a dip in your pool. However, there are a few steps that you can follow to get rid of frogs in the pool quickly.

Rescue and Release

If you find a frog in your pool, gently scoop it with a pool skimmer or net. Afterward, release it into a nearby natural water source (e.g., a pond or stream). Avoid handling and holding frogs with bare hands as they may secrete toxins.

Investigate Entry Points

The most you can do is inspect your pool and surrounding areas where frogs may gain access or enter. You can also drain above ground pool to identify a possible invasion route. Seal gaps in fences and repair torn pool covers when needed.

Provide Escape Routes

Make sure you have escape routes or ramps in your pool from which they can find their way out. Install these routes to ensure a convenient exit for the frogs. They can exit through ropes or floating boards at the water’s edge.

Reduce Lighting

Pool lighting attracts insects, which become frogs’ food source. If you wonder how to get frogs out of pools, keep the lights off. It will minimize all the chances of unintended frog intrusion or seeping in from escape routes.

Remove Standing Water

Standing water is the root cause of insects and algae, which frogs ultimately like to live with. Remove the standing water nearby to minimize the breeding grounds for them. It will also make your space fresh and secure.

To-Do’s for Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools are more challenging to maintain than they seem. Certain techniques can help you keep your pool in optimal condition. So, here are some pool maintenance tips that every pool owner must have.

  • Gently catch and release the frogs instead of handling them with your hands.
  • Keep the pool and its surroundings clean and water fresh.
  • Use a pool cover to protect it from invasion and external factors even when not used.
  • Install barriers and fences to stop the route from seeping in. 
  • Turn off pool lights at night to reduce insect attraction. 
  • Remove the standing water to prevent the intrusion.
  • Regularly check and remove eggs or tadpoles. 
  • Creating a dry environment through pool draining.
  • Regularly check and adjust the water levels.
  • Identify the escape routes.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, maintaining a pool requires consistent effort and preventive measures. You can add all the above tips and tricks to your pool maintenance checklist to prevent frogs out and keep your pool clean.

Regular pool cleaning can minimize the chances of frog intrusion. The best approach also involves keeping the poolside area and its surroundings clean.

You may use a pool cover to ensure this. You can also effectively keep frogs at bay by installing physical barriers (e.g., fences and barriers). They will help you keep your pool in optimal condition.

Even more, turning off pool lights at night and removing standing water may also prevent the intrusion of frogs in pool. Using natural repellents like vinegar or saltwater can further deter frogs from invading your pool.

Regularly checking for and removing any eggs or tadpoles ensures they don’t establish a breeding ground. With these steps, you can enjoy a clean, frog-free swimming environment.

So, make your pool a more pleasant and hygienic space for you and your family.


Is It Safe to Swim in a Pool With Frogs?

Yes, swimming in a pool with frogs is considered safe. Since frogs do not transmit diseases to humans, swimming in such a pool is safe. However, their presence indicates that the water is of poor quality. So, you must always test the water before swimming.

Are There Any Natural Repellents to Prevent Frog Invasion?

Yes, citrus peels, vinegar, and saltwater solutions are very effective natural repellents to prevent frog invasion. You can use these techniques regularly for better results. However, these methods may not be effective in all situations.

Does Chlorine Kill Frogs?

Yes, chlorine does harm frogs and kill them with prolonged exposure. The truth behind this fact is that the chlorine dehydrates the frogs. It leads to their deaths. So, chlorine can kill frogs. Therefore, maintain proper chlorine levels to ensure pool safety.

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