The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Size

swimming pool size

People get so much frustrated in summer and look for activities that change their mood. The swimming pool is one of them. As these are versatile and great for any event, exercise, or kicking back to relax.

When someone plans to build a pool in their backyard, one essential factor to comes in their mind is pool size. But the size of the pool is not just the first consideration, there is a lot more to think about it, like swimming pool colors, design, space, and so on. The swimming pool size can affect everything from the construction cost to your overall swimming experience.

Although swimming pools can add value to your home, you also need to take care of their maintenance. Fortunately, this ultimate guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the right swimming pool size to reach a conclusion. So, let’s start!

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Size

Building a swimming pool is a one-time decision, so you must be careful. By considering the below factors, you can choose swimming pool sizes that meet your needs and requirements.

Purpose of the Pool

The purpose of the pool will also dictate the size you choose. If you plan to use the pool for exercise or swimming laps, you will need a more extended pool. On the other hand, if you want a pool for relaxation and entertainment, a smaller size will be the best.

First, think about how you plan to use the pool. Consider what you want to do in the pool and how you’ll enjoy it. Once you have a clear idea of your necessities, it will be easier to figure out the right size of a swimming pool that can accommodate all your desires.

Available Space

Before you start planning your swimming pool, you must check the rules and regulations in your area. These can change from one city to another and sometimes even from one neighborhood to more.

Additionally, you need to focus on the amount of space available in your backyard. The pool should fit comfortably in the space without overwhelming the rest of the area. You should look at what else can go in the space, even if it’s not grass. Additional features could be entertainment spaces, firepits, lounge furniture, and outdoor kitchens. The possibilities will enhance if you divide space between aquatic and land recreation.

Number of Users

Here’s another element to keep in mind while thinking about swimming pool sizes the number of people that will use your pool. Let’s think about the age groups if you invite only adult guests, you should be flexible in size. Moreover, if your guests are youngsters, then go with a shallow wading area or beach entry. Shallow to deep pools have different size requirements so make sure all visitors adjust there safely.

After that, think about how many people you will host. You must know the minimum and maximum number of people you’ll accommodate. Here are the standard sizes of pools based on the number of guests:

  • For 1-2 people, the minimum pool size should be 14 x 25ft.
  • For 3-5 visitors, a minimum pool size should be 16 x 32ft.
  • For 6-8 guests, the minimum pool size should be 18 x 36ft.


Your cost also plays a vital role in deciding the size of a swimming pool. It has a big effect on how much it will charge you, but there are also other things to consider that can add to the expenses. For example, if you want extras like a deck, spas, safety measures, or water features, those will increase the overall cost too.

The maintenance price also depends on the size of your pool. It’s not just about sweeping leaves; pools of all sizes need regular cleaning. However, larger pools take more time and effort to clean. This includes things like balancing chemicals, treatments, using filters, vacuums, and covering the pool when needed.


The space in your yard and any existing features can affect the common pool sizes. For example, property boundaries, landscaping, and underground utilities can limit where you can place the pool or add to construction expenses.

If you already have a terrace think about whether you want the pool to connect to it or if you prefer to create an entirely new design. Your pool and deck should match and enhance your outdoor area. It’s important to ensure that your swimming pool’s style goes well with the look of your home. The design should be consistent as if the pool and its surroundings were there from the start.

Seek Professional Advice

Consult with a pool builder or a landscape architect who can provide expert advice based on your preferences, space, and budget. They can help you visualize the design and pool measurements for your unique requirements. There is no better advisor than a pool renovation company because they have a lot of experience in building and crafting different pools.

Future Needs

Think about your future plans and how they can impact common pool sizes. If you anticipate changes like a growing family or evolving entertainment preferences, consider whether the chosen size will accommodate those needs over time.

Pool Size Chart

Here is a pool size chart depending on the specific dimensions and measurements you want to include.

Length Width Shallow End Deep End
12.00m 3.30m 0.91m 2.00m
10.00m 3.30m 1.11m 2.00m
8.00m 3.30m 1.31m 2.00m
7.00m 3.30m 1.31m 1.93m
6.00m 3.30m 1.31m 1.83m
5.00m 3.30m 1.31m 1.73m
4.00 3.30m 1.31m 1.63m

In Short!

Lastly, the average pool size is about 50 feet long and 10 feet wide, which is pretty large for the lap pool size. Having the right swimming pool size will help you and your family to enjoy a safe and comfortable swimming experience. With the right pool size, you can create a backyard oasis that provides endless hours of fun and relaxation for years to come.

On the other hand, there’s Sergio’s pool renovation that offers pool plastering, tile and coping services. Whether you want a natural oasis look or a more contemporary glass style, you’ll get something unique for sure. So, it’s time to finalize the pool size and then start to work on other essential parts of the swimming pool.


What are standard pool sizes?

The normal size of the pool in length-width is 2:1 and other standard sizes are: 12’ x 24’,15′ x 36′, 16′ x 32′, and 20′ x 40′. But remember, these sizes are suitable for rectangular pools. If you have a geometric pool, the sizes will be different.

What size pool for a family of 4?

The minimum pool size for a family of 3-5 people is 16 x 32ft. These dimensions provide enough space for family members to swim, play, and relax comfortably. The sizes of pools also depend on what type of your pool is.

What size pool for a family of 7?

For a family of six to eight people, you must have a pool that is 18 feet wide and 36 feet long. This size is good because it prevents the pool from getting too crowded and gives enough space for playing games. Pools with a rectangular shape usually look the best when they are this size.


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