6 Best Swimming Pool Games for Adults & Families

Swimming Pool Games for Adults

Pool parties are considered fun and enjoyable for kids, but adulthood hits you in a way to makes it a boring activity. If you are thinking the same, then we have a solution for this myth. You and your friends can also enjoy pool parties like you did in childhood.

It will also help you rejuvenate in the summertime. Considering this fact of entertainment, have listed down six poolside party ideas. 

This summer, you do not need to sit in the corner and let the kids rejoice and get all the benefits of owning a swimming pool.

Jump in, splash water, and escape the heat through these interesting activities. Your family and friends are waiting, so let’s dive into these ideas.

Atomic Whirpool: 

It is an exciting swimming pool game that requires a group of participants and a larger-sized pool. 

What You’ll Need:

  • Choose a pool that is large enough to accommodate all players comfortably, preferably with a circular or oval shape.
  • You’ll need at least five or six participants to play, but the game can accommodate many more.
  • Make sure all players are wearing appropriate swimwear for safety and comfort.

How to Play:

To begin, gather all participants at the pool’s edge, ensuring readiness and appropriate swimwear. Next, instruct everyone to enter the pool and form a large circle, spreading out evenly along the perimeter and facing toward the center.

Designate one player to initiate the whirlpool by signaling the start, whether through a verbal cue or an agreed-upon signal.

Upon initiating these adult pool games, all players begin walking or jogging clockwise along the perimeter to create a circular current akin to a whirlpool.

Gradually increasing their speed, participants maintain a consistent pace and direction to stabilize the whirlpool. As the current strengthens, players may opt to join by moving towards the circle’s center, intensifying the whirlpool’s force.

Caution should be exercised, especially with weaker swimmers, to ensure safety and support. Once the whirlpool reaches its peak intensity, players can enjoy the sensation of being carried along by the current.

The game can continue as long as desired, with players gradually slowing down and dispersing from the circle to end the activity.

Sharks and Minnows: 

It is a classic swimming pool game that is easy to set up and a lot of fun to play. 

What You’ll Need:

  • You’ll need at least five or six players to play these pool party games for adults, but they can be played with larger groups as well.

How to Play:

To begin, designate players as either “sharks” or “minnows,” with the number of sharks varying based on group size and pool dimensions. Typically, starting with one or two sharks is recommended, adjusting as necessary.

Once roles are assigned, all players line up at one end of the pool, with the sharks positioned in the water’s middle and the minnows at the opposite end. 

As the game starts, minnows swim from one side to the other, aiming to evade being tagged by the sharks. The objective for sharks is to tag minnows, turning them into sharks for subsequent rounds. A round concludes when all minnows are tagged or a set time limit is reached. 

Subsequently, a new round begins with the remaining minnows starting at one end and sharks in the middle. You can design your pool with different pool colors ideas and make it more attractive.

The game continues with players rotating roles until everyone has had a chance to be both minnows and sharks. With no specific winner or loser, the game emphasizes the fun and enjoyment of the swimming pool, allowing for as many rounds as desired.

Pool Basketball: 

Pool basketball is a popular and enjoyable game that contains the thrill of basketball with the refreshing atmosphere of a swimming pool. 

What You’ll Need:

  • You’ll need a pool with a flat, open area that is deep enough to allow players to move freely without touching the bottom. The pool should have a sturdy edge or deck for players to stand on.
  • You can purchase a portable basketball hoop designed specifically for pool use. These hoops typically have a weighted base to keep them stable in the water.
  • Choose a waterproof basketball suitable for pool activities for adults. These balls are designed to float and withstand exposure to water.

How to Play:

To prepare for the game, securely install the pool basketball hoop at one end of the pool, ensuring it’s anchored and positioned at an appropriate height above the water surface.

Next, divide the players into two teams, ensuring an equal number of players on each side based on the pool size and number of participants. 

This game begins with one team starting with possession of the basketball, and a player from that team attempts to score by shooting the ball through the hoop.

Points are earned when a player successfully makes a shot, and the opposing team then gains possession to attempt their own score. 

Players can attempt rebounds and subsequent shots if a shot misses the hoop, keeping the game dynamic. These pool games for adults conclude when a predetermined number of points, such as 15, 21, or 25, is reached by one team, declaring them the winner.

Optional rules, such as shot limitations, shot clocks, or boundary settings, can be incorporated based on player preferences to enhance the gameplay.

Treasure Hunt: 

Treasure Hunt is an engaging and exciting game that can be adapted for play in a swimming pool. 

What You’ll Need:

  • You’ll need access to a swimming pool with a shallow and safe area for participants to dive and search for treasures. If your pool needs a rebuild or some changes, you can contact us, as we are the best pool renovation company in Pennsylvania.  
  • Choose a variety of waterproof items to serve as treasures. These can include coins, toys, plastic gems, or any other small, sinkable objects.
  • Waterproof containers or bags to hold the treasures.

How to Play:

Before starting the game, scatter the treasures evenly around the pool bottom to ensure fairness. Divide the participants into teams or individuals based on the pool size and number of players, then explain the game rules, emphasizing the objective of finding as many treasures as possible within a set time limit. 

Players dive into the pool and commence their search on your signal, utilizing swimming or diving techniques to explore various areas.

As treasures are discovered in pool activities for adults, players collect and place them in designated containers or bags, fostering teamwork if playing in teams. 

Once the time limit expires, gather all players out of the pool and have them count and display their treasures. Consider rewarding the player or team with the most treasures with prizes such as small toys, snacks, or certificates of achievement.

Wet Shirt Relay Race: 

The Wet Shirt Relay Race is a fun and refreshing game, perfect for poolside gatherings and parties. 

What You’ll Need:

  • You’ll need one for each team participating in the relay race. Make sure they are large enough to fit comfortably over swimsuits.
  • Divide players into teams, with a same number of participants.

How to Play:

To set up the relay race as adult pool games, divide players into teams and have each team line up at one end of the pool while placing a stack of T-shirts or tank tops at the opposite end.

Upon your signal, the first player from each team rushes to the shirt stack, retrieves one, and dons it over their swimsuit before swimming across the pool using their preferred swimming style. 

Upon reaching the opposite side, the player removes the wet shirt and passes it to the next teammate in line, who repeats the process.

The race concludes when all players on one team have completed their turn and crossed the finish line, with the team accomplishing this feat declared the winner.

Water Jousting:

Water jousting is one of the fun and competitive pool games for adults that can be played in a swimming pool or any other body of water. 

What You’ll Need:

  • You’ll need inflatable pool floats for each participant. These floats should be sturdy enough to support the weight of a person.
  • You’ll need one pool noodle or foam stick for each participant. These will serve as the jousting sticks.
  • To ensure safety, participants can wear helmets to protect their heads during the jousting match.

How to Play:

To set up, inflate the pool floats and place them evenly on opposite ends of the pool, ensuring each participant has both a float and a jousting stick. Players then mount their floats, gripping their jousting sticks firmly, and upon a signal, they begin paddling or kicking toward each other in the center of the pool.

As they approach, participants attempt to knock their opponents off their floats using their sticks while maintaining balance. 

Points are earned for successful knock-offs, and the match concludes either after a set time or when one player is toppled. Safety reminders are crucial in swimming pool games for adults. We emphasize the importance of cautious play and the optional use of helmets for added protection.

Wrap Up!

Let’s end our exploration on a note of fun and joyous mood. Why do kids have all the fun? You can also plan some with your friends. This blog has justified the reason in six different ways. Now you are ready for summer activities. So plan a pool party ASAP!

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