9 Best Pool Designs for Small Backyards

Pool Designs for Small Backyards

While sprawling estates may have their grand pools, small backyards can still pack a punch with a touch of ingenuity. Don’t let limited space deter you from experiencing the refreshing joy of a private pool oasis.

The size of swimming pool designs for small yards is constantly decreasing. Heck, things are growing smaller in all different ways. The trend right now is tiny homes. Each of us carries a miniature supercomputer in our pocket. There are miniature animal breeds.

These days, it seems like everything is being scaled back. These 9 pool designs for compact backyards showcase how creativity and thoughtful planning can turn even the most modest outdoor spaces into aquatic havens of luxury and relaxation with the best swimming pool colors.

Dive Into Luxury With These Small Pool Designs

The Oasis Nook

Grip the beauty of corners by transforming them into tranquil escapes. A well-placed plunge pool, surrounded by lush foliage and accented with comfortable seating, can create an intimate tropical paradise. Let the gentle gurgle of water and the rustle of leaves transport you to a serene getaway right in your backyard.

The Infinity Gem

Size is no barrier to creating a breathtaking focal point. An infinity-edge pool seems to merge seamlessly with the horizon, expanding the visual expanse of your backyard. The illusion of endless water, combined with the shimmering reflections, makes for a mesmerizing spectacle that adds depth and sophistication to your outdoor space.

The Deck Delight

Merge functionality and style with a design combining a wooden deck and a narrow pool. This pool design for small yards offers a space for swimming and acts as an extension of your living area. Incorporate built-in seating, elegant lighting, and tasteful furnishings to transform this area into a chic space for relaxation, conversation, and entertainment.

The Lap of Luxury

Fitness enthusiasts can find solace in a long, narrow lap pool that accommodates your exercise routine while exuding elegance. Play with tile patterns and add decorative touches along the sides. To create a multifunctional oasis, consider incorporating a shallow lounge area for sunbathing and relaxation at one end.

The Bistro Escape

Hoist your backyard into a resort-like escape by surrounding your inground pool designs for small backyards with a spacious deck or patio. This design offers space for lounging and sunbathing and creates an alfresco dining area. Imagine savoring a delicious meal while overlooking the serene waters, bringing a touch of luxury to your everyday life.

The Courtyard Haven

Embrace the coziness of a courtyard by placing a small pool at its heart. Surrounded by walls or fences, this design maximizes privacy while creating a serene ambiance. Raise the aesthetic by adding potted plants, decorative elements, and comfortable seating, making your pool area a haven of tranquility.

The Natural Pond

For those seeking a more organic look, consider small yard pool designs that mimic a tranquil pond’s appearance. Incorporate natural stones, aquatic plants, and a gentle waterfall to create an environment like a hidden oasis. The interplay of natural elements and the soothing sound of flowing water will transport you to a peaceful retreat.

The Jewel Box

Infuse your backyard with luxury by opting for a geometrically shaped pool bordered by intricate tiles. The vibrant colors and patterns contrast against the shimmering water, adding visual intrigue. Lift the opulence by including a poolside cabana or elegant seating area, turning your backyard into a jewel box of aquatic delight.

The Cozy Soak

Redefine relaxation with a sunken seating area within the swimming pool ideas for small backyards. This innovative design adds an intimate touch, allowing you to enjoy partially submerged while unwinding comfortably.

Imagine the soothing water embracing you as you take in the beauty of your surroundings, creating a sensory experience like no other.

Don’t let limited space limit your dreams of a personal pool paradise. These pool designs showcase the endless possibilities for creating a luxurious retreat in even the smallest backyards.

You can transform your outdoor space into a haven of aquatic delight with imagination, thoughtful planning, and a commitment to creativity. Dive in and get on a journey of ultimate relaxation and leisure right in your home.

Small Spaces, Big Dreams: Crafting Oasis Pools for Small Pool Designs For Small Backyards

Selecting the perfect pool shape involves a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Assess your outdoor space’s dimensions, landscape, and preferences.

Geometric shapes like rectangles and squares are popular for small backyards due to their efficient use of space.

However, if you’re looking for a more organic feel, freeform designs can adapt to the contours of your yard while adding a touch of uniqueness.

Various factors beyond the shape influence the cost of building pool designs for small backyards. Pool materials, features like waterfalls or lighting, decking options, and the complexity of installation all play a role.

Consulting with pool contractors can help you weigh the costs and benefits of different choices, ensuring you create a pool that fits your budget and preferences.


The possibilities for creating stunning and functional poolscapes are endless in small backyard designs. As we conclude our exploration of the 9 small pool designs for compact outdoor spaces, one thing becomes abundantly clear.

Size should never restrict your dreams of having a private oasis. From the cozy nooks to the sleek and modern designs, each option showcases the potential to turn your limited outdoor area into a haven of aquatic luxury and relaxation.

Remember, the key lies in embracing creativity, thoughtful planning, and a deep understanding of optimizing your space.

Whether you yearn for a tropical paradise, an elegant escape, or a tranquil retreat, this pool renovation company offers inspiration, demonstrating how innovation can transform even the tiniest backyards into breathtaking retreats.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best pool shape for a small backyard?

Choosing the best pool shape depends on your preferences and available space. Geometric shapes like rectangles or squares often maximize space, while freeform designs can adapt to unique layouts. Consider aesthetics, functionality, and how the form complements your backyard design.

2. What is the cheapest type of pool to build?

Vinyl liner pools are often considered more budget-friendly due to their initial cost and installation. However, it’s essential to factor in long-term maintenance and potential liner replacements. Consulting a professional can help you fix the best cost-effective option.

3. What shape of the pool is less expensive?

Geometric pool shapes, like rectangles or squares, tend to be less expensive than intricate freeform designs. Straight lines and consistent angles make construction more efficient, helping to keep costs manageable without compromising aesthetics.

4. What is an excellent small pool size?

Small pool sizes can vary based on your available space and intended use. A typical compact pool might range from 10 feet by 20 feet to 15 feet by 30 feet. Remember that while smaller pools may cost less initially, balancing size, functionality, and the features you want is crucial.

As you board your journey to create the perfect pool oasis in a small backyard, these additional insights can give you a well-rounded understanding of what’s involved.

From budget considerations and design choices to maximizing space and ongoing maintenance, each facet ensures your small pool becomes a beloved retreat that reflects your style and offers endless enjoyment.

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