How to Choose the Best Swimming Pool Colors

Best Swimming Pool Colors

Many people prefer light colors for a swimming pool because it reflects the sun’s rays, which could lead to cooler pool water. Choosing the right swimming pool colors for your fiberglass is crucial when creating your perfect backyard oasis. You must consider the surrounding, including the color of your house, the color of the trees, the sky, and even the depth of the pool. You should also think about your fence and the style of your home. 

These elements can assist you in choosing the best pool colors. It may be tricky because the water is transparent, but considering everything will help you choose the perfect color for your backyard paradise.

Data shows that 10.7 million swimming pools are available in the U.S. Most manufacturers offer 2 or 3 choices for the selection of pool colors, but here you can get a lot of options to get your best one. If you want the swimming pool renovation and are bored with the same color, choose Sergio’s Pool Renovation option because it has fantastic ideas and tile collections that help you to give your pool a fresh look. 

Let’s look at some ongoing watercolors to pick the best for you!

1. Dyed Blue

Choosing a white finish is usually the best option if you want your pool to have a light blue watercolor. White surfaces create a clean and refreshing look in your backyard, which many homeowners love. Not only does a soft blue watercolor look beautiful, but it also creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere, making it perfect for relaxation and reflection.

swimming pool colors

This is why a white finish gives your pool a clean and refreshing look, perfect for relaxation and reflection. So, if you want to create a tranquil & serene outdoor space, a white finish is an excellent option for pool colors.

2. Gray Granite

Gray is the right fit for people who like calm and sophisticated swimming pool colors and designs. It’s a conservative yet glamorous option representing security, practicality, and grace. This watercolor can promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, making it perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your backyard. 

best pool colors

To enhance the calming properties of your gray pool finish, you can add water features like cascades or deck jets. This will make your pool feel more like a relaxing retreat.

3. Evergreen Blue

Many great options exist if you’re considering a blue pool finish for your backyard. Were you aware that the color blue holds a significant meaning?

pool paint colors

Blue is the most used color for swimming pools than yellow or red. Blue represents loyalty, confidence, and stability. It symbolizes wisdom and freedom, making it an excellent choice for those who want an adventurous backyard pool that inspires and grounds them. So, a blue pool finish might be the perfect option if you want a pool that embodies these qualities and encourages you to explore.

You should also look at swimming pool paint colors because everyone has distinctive choices; we never know; maybe they like these colors and pick for their pool. 

4. Emerald Green Water

If you’re drawn to green pool finishes, you should create a healing and nurturing space in your backyard. Green represents growth, freshness, and prosperity because of its organic connotation. 

pool colors

Choosing a green interior surface can help create a natural-looking pool area that complements lush environments. So, if you want to create a pool space that feels like a peaceful oasis, a green pool finish is the evergreen choice.

5. Turquoise

If you love turquoise pool finishes, this jewel-tone shade has joyful and energetic properties. Turquoise’s belief is to enhance clarity, encourage purification, and reestablish emotional balance.

best pool colors

Choosing a turquoise interior surface can invite good luck and friendship into your pool area. If you want a decorative, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean, pick the pool paint colors. Choose the colors for pools that match your requirements.

6. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a beautiful inground pool color that resembles the hues of the ocean.

best pool colors

It’s a mix of blue and green with a hint of turquoise. Many pool owners favor this shade because it fosters a serene and calming atmosphere. It’s a great option to achieve a tropical or beachy look for your pool. Depending on the lighting, the color can change, but it always looks stunning and refreshing.

7. Diamond Sand

Diamond Sand is a popular pool color designed to mimic the look of white sand found on pristine beaches. It’s a neutral color with a soft and subtle appearance, creating a clean and elegant look for your pool. Diamond Sand is a light blue and white blend, giving it a slightly blueish tinge. 

inground pool colors

This color perfectly creates a classic and timeless look for your pool. It’s also a great option to make your pool area feel more spacious and bright. Color can change according to the lighting, but it always looks beautiful and inviting.

8. Black

You should choose a black pool finish if you want a black watercolor for your pool. Do you know black is known as one of the best pool colors because this creates a bold and beautiful look, especially for modern designs like a rectangular infinity pool? 

swimming pool paint colors

Black pool finishes give off an air of mystery, elegance, and power, making them an excellent choice for those who want a profound and intriguing focal point in their backyard. So, if you create a unique and striking pool design, go for a black pool finish. People use it for inground pool colors to add a stylish look to the pool.

9. Graphite Grey

Graphite Grey is a popular pool color that is sleek and modern. Its dark grey color gives your pool a sophisticated and elegant look. Graphite Grey is an excellent option to create a contemporary and minimalist design for your pool area. It can also be a wise decision if a lot of greenery surrounds your pool area because the color blends in with the environment.

pool colors

Graphite Grey is also an excellent option to create a dramatic contrast with other elements in your pool area, such as white tiles or colorful landscaping.

Swimming pool paint colors will make you feel your pool is maintained with its original vibrant color. It looks so smooth on the surfaces that less cleaning is required. After getting so many options, you must be confused about deciding which color will best fit you. 

10. Ice Silver

Ice Silver can contrast beautifully with other elements in your pool area, such as dark tiles or colorful landscaping.

swimming pool colors

The reason for choosing this color is it looks both stylish and relaxing. In the US, a swimming pool can increase a home’s value by up to 7%. See how it is beneficial for you to have your pools.

What Role of Color Science Play at Underwater

The science of color at work underwater is related to how light travels through water and how it affects the appearance of colors. Water absorbs different light colors to varying degrees, which can alter how colors appear underwater. For example, red and orange colors are absorbed more quickly in water, while blue and green colors can penetrate deeper. This is why objects that appear red or orange on land may appear dull or grayish underwater.

In addition, the amount and quality of light in the pool area can also affect how colors appear in the water. The sun’s angle, time of day, and artificial lighting can all impact the clarity and vibrancy of pool colors.


Last but not least, deciding on the best swimming pool color is a personal choice that is influenced by your preferences, the design of your house and landscape, and the feeling you want to create around your pool.

People are fond of swimming pools; they wait for the summer and enjoy it with their families in summer. Do you know that there are 130 million households in the US, and 8% have a swimming pool? Because pools increase your brain’s neuroplasticity, enhancing memory and other cognitive abilities.

Whenever you set your mind to making pools, do proper research because it has to be made once. Sergios Pool Renovation also offers pool tile and coping, assisting you in selecting the best tiles for your pool. You’ll surely recommend this company to your friends and relatives because it gives incredible suggestions for renovation or making a new pool. 

Don’t overthink just go and chill with your friends & family in summer!

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